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Employment Discrimination

Having a job and working hard for your family and yourself is important.  That paycheck provides the necessities of daily living.  Without it, most people would be left with nothing.  So when a supervisor or boss rips that job away from you for nefarious reasons, it’s imperative to talk with Evan so he can ask the right questions to determine if the termination was wrongful.

In California, most employee-employer relationships are “at-will” meaning either party can terminate the relationship at any time.  The only caveat is that an employer cannot fire you for unlawful reasons.  More specifically, employers cannot fire you or harass you while employed based on your race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, marital status, pregnancy or age.  Furthermore, California protects employees who lodge complaints about illegal practices by their employer from being harassed and retaliated against as a result.

This area of law is expansive and for a more in-depth look at your situation, give Evan a call to discuss.

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